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Vapor Barrier Packaging Solutions

Craters & Freighters Columbus helps dozens of technology and industrial-related businesses ship their sensitive, valuable devices and equipment pieces all over the world. Both our domestic shipping solutions and international shipping solutions ensure your items are packaged and contained with precision and integrity for safe transport by air, land, or sea.

Our team is well aware of the fragile nature of electronics and other assets with bare metal surfaces, and we know what it takes to protect these pieces when traveling by sea through damaging saltwater. Our shipping company’s packing and crating specialists in Columbus use high-quality supports and moisture vapor-proof packaging materials for the security needed in a successful journey and a damage-free arrival.

We understand that saltwater and saltwater vapor put sensitive electronic components and metal surfaces at risk of corrosion, potentially harming the product’s functionality. Our team will provide the ultimate in care and safety solutions, placing these sensitive assets in a vapor barrier bag with an activated desiccant inside before heat-sealing the seams. A vacuum is then used to reduce the air volume inside the bag before the final seal, which lowers the humidity levels inside the barrier bag.

Taking these vital steps in protection is critical to keeping your important assets out of harm’s way through the unpredictable shipping stream. Our shipping schemes are designed around your unique item, never using a one-size-fits-all approach but considering every fine detail and specification to enhance its safety.

Humidity Control for Government Shipments

Although there are various barrier materials used by the government, the most common is MIL-PRF-131. The desiccant used is activated clay conforming to MIL-D-3464.

We will place a humidity indicator card inside the barrier bag so the item’s condition and the desiccant can be checked upon opening the bag. However, to check humidity inside the barrier bag without the necessity of opening it, a humidity indicator plug that projects through the barrier material is also available.

The sensitive nature of government shipments is not lost on our team. We provide packaging services that nurture the highest protection, the most efficient transport, and designers and logistics teams that won’t be surpassed. If you have a government or military shipment, you can depend on us for all of your comprehensive shipping solutions in Columbus.

Packaging Materials

Our packing experts play a pivotal role in your shipment’s successful execution, and we are determined to complete your shipment with the highest standards on every level. From packaging and container implementation, throughout transit, and to receipt, your valuables are our main priority.

We carefully select the best quality materials used for each individual shipment based on the item’s requirements and goals. Taking into account the asset’s weight, size, destination, sensitivity, and other considerations, we engineer the perfect packing solutions.

Some specialized materials we use include:

All of our packaging and crating engineers are skilled at determining a protection scheme that maximizes security and ensures your assets are safe. With decades of experience behind us, we know how to manage the most challenging and specific shipping projects from start to finish.

Ask us about our shipping insurance for even more peace of mind during the shipping process.

Why Use Craters & Freighters Columbus for Your Shipping Needs

Our Columbus shipping company has the support of over 65 national locations and a massive global network. With this expansive reach, you can feel confident that your shipment is safe and in trusted hands throughout its journey with us.

We have comprehensive shipping solutions that can get almost any item almost anywhere. Using spec-driven software, industry experience, and years of insight, we know what it takes to generate a responsible, effective shipment and the precise supporting protection it needs.

Columbus’s Craters & Freighters shipping professionals are able and eager to ship your demanding assets. Our expertise in the field, logistics support, and customer service will go well beyond industry standards and your expectations.

We invite you to read our reviews prior to booking your shipment with us. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed in your decision to work with Craters & Freighters Columbus.


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